GPT-4o Free Access

Limited Time Offer!

Use GPT-4o model for free

How to get Free GPT-4o

  1. Click the Register button to register.
  2. After completing registration, open ZenoChat.
  3. By default, Sophos-2" might be selected. You need to change this to GPT-4o.
  4. Now, you can start a chat with GPT-4o.

What you get with FREE

  • 20 creations* per day
  • 100 creations after completing registration
  • Access to GPT-4o and Web Search
  • Paraphrasing tools
  • Translation & creation in 25+ languages
  • Access to 100+ AI prompt templates

A few points to remember

  • 1 creation counts up to 125 words.
  • Some features like GPT-4 and Web Search charge extra creations. (i.e. GPT-4 charges 2 * output words.)
  • You can change the customization settings anytime. Your creation balance will change accordingly.